Jero- “Lessons Learned”

Coming hard out of Chicago is Jero, with his brand new EP “Lessons Learned”. The project features multiple producers including: Gus Chvany, MyFriendNate, and Tofu June. Jero has been working on this project for quite some time, I know this because we shot a video for the first song on the EP “Intro” over a month ago and Jero had been working on it for a while at that point. Jero, known for his expertise in lyricism, kills it on every song of the project. With My favorite song of the project is the very last one, with features from the whole gang, including: HateSonny, Kari, JT, and Drew. Jero told me that this is probably the last song for a while that everybody will be on, so I appreciate it even more for that reason. With Jero’s talent, and a steady growing following, there is no telling where or what Jero can do after this.

But for now stream “Lessons Learned” BELOW! (for the music video to “Intro” click HERE)

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