Jero-“I’m Stoned”(Dir. jared Avalos

In the music video of “I’m Stoned,” Jero teams up with Jared Avalos to bring the entrancing song to life.


Fittingly released on April 19th, 2019, just a day before the famous 4/20 holiday, the music video for Jero’s track “I’m Stoned” was directed by Jared Avalos. The song itself utilizes soft kicks and keyboard instruments, courtesy of producer Gus Chvany, to capture the feeling that comes with smoking marijuana. Jero’s bars about his infatuation with the drug, of course also help create a relaxed, euphoric sound. 


Jared Avalos captures the feeling that the song exudes through the use of tight camera angles, zooms, and fading transitions, while Jero and friends are seen smoking and having a fun time sitting on the couch and playing video games. Despite the short runtime, the video manages to pack in multiple shots of Jero and his crew inside, cutting in with shots of the rapper dancing outdoors and chilling on the stairs. 


The effects used in the video are nothing to ignore, transforming certain sections of the video in order to further accentuate elements within the track. Some of the most notable moments of this are during the intro sequence when a split effect is used during the duration of a keyboard note, as well as during Jero’s first verse, when a certain portion of his body shifts across the screen to match his use of the word slide. 

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