Jero- “Glacier Cherry”

Jero just dropped a two track EP for all the lovers out there titled “Glacier Cherry”. The two tracks are produced by some of the best producers coming out of Chicago right now, Zaid and Gus Chvany.Jero is typically known for his hard spitting flow, but he switches it up on this project, hitting all the high notes imaginable, and he does it with such ease. I can’t get enough of these Valentines day projects, as they show a side to these artists that many have not heard before. Jero’s versatility is quite impressive, it’s something that Jero has just recently been showing. Jero has been steady growing as an artist and his fanbase has been doing the same. I’m excited to see what he has in store for us in the future, and hopefully it’s not too long before we hear this side of Jero again


But for now, listen to “Glacier Cherry” BELOW!

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