Jared Avalos

Director / Editor / Producer / Photographer

Jared Avalos is a 23 year old director and founder of Dreamer Data, a production company based around Chicago. Growing up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Jared credits his small town for a lot of his creativity and inspiration. “Growing up in a town nobody has heard of is something I used to view as a disadvantage, but over time I’ve come to realize that it’s an advantage and allows me to bring a unique perspective to the table.” Jared is self taught in directing, producing, and video editing, after attending a year of college he decided it was not for him and continued on to pursue his creative endeavors full-time.

Jared began directing in late 2017 after a friend asked if he could shoot a music video for them. Working with artists by the likes of Dreamer Isioma, Bleachers, Nina Tech and more, Jared’s work has been seen in Billboard, BET, Ones To Watch, and Rolling Stone. 

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