Jammar4k Breaks Into the Scene With “Slowly” Featuring Ppgcasper

Jammar4k’s latest track, “Slowly,” enlists ppgcasper for a verse as well as production from Mixed Matches, making for an emotional track that chooses death over facing the outcomes of their erroneous decisions. 

Jammar4k is an artist from Massachusetts with little to no public acknowledgment, but chock full of talent. His SoundCloud is made up of a sparse discography, consisting only of a handful of heartfelt deep cuts. But he’s no ‘Soundcloud rapper.’ While Jammar may be comparable to other artists of his caliber, none stack up in the raw emotion that bleeds through the wailing exterior of his vocals that come over polished, glamourous production. An artist with a perfectionist mentality he has been sitting on the ppgcasper verse for over a year now, before deciding now was “the right time.” 

Mixed Matches provides a glittery, sparkle of light of an instrumental for the two artists to share their emotional bars over. Featured artist ppgcasper handling the hook as well as the verse, kicks the song off with the melodious chorus, asking to be put out of his misery as a way to start over. PPGcasper’s verse is monotonous as he comes to terms with the decisions that have led him to his current state, “I’m sweating tonight, I can’t make it right.” As it sinks in that he is in an irreversible situation, the only way out he sees is a fatal end. The hook comes off more lively the second time around compared to the hopeless bars found in his verse before giving way to Jammar4k’s portion of the track.

In direct contrast to ppgcasper’s more raw, unrefined vocals, Jammar sounds polished with a crooning, autotuned verse. Asking for a girl to recognize that he is reaching a boiling point, he becomes more lucid, singing, “I can see right through your heart baby no need to lie.” Knowing the girl’s answer, he asks for her to face the consequences of her decisions for herself, as it has no bearing on Jammar’s ephemeral life. 

“Slowly” sees both artists melancholically asking for the release of death as a means of resetting and wiping the slate clean of their regrettable decisions. Having the two moody artists share a mic allows for them to both air out their taboo feelings in an honest and intimate manner. Jammar4k’s latest track might just be the one to push him into the spotlight.  

Listen to Slowly BELOW!


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