IDONTKNOWJEFFERY Escalates Iranian Conflict with Latest Diss Track

Problematic as all hell, Memphis M.C. idontknowjeffery has built his name on tricking and finessing, although with a war on the horizon due to conflict with Iran, he has shown a new side. A patriotic side.

Yes, idontknowjeffery the very same as the “I’ll snatch the motor out your fucking lawnmower,” has revealed himself to be a true red-blooded American with the advent of his Iran diss, “IRAN DON’T WANT NO SMOKE.”

Jeffery being from Memphis makes it clear from his smoked-out sound and detailing nights out tricking has been steadily growing his fanbase with his almost comedic bars but delivered in a deadpan manner. Although he grew up with Xavier Wulf, he didn’t build his career on the potential co-sign. Instead, he didn’t even tell Wulf he started rapping, this has created a cultic, unwavering fanbase for Jeffery, one that has stood by him through any controversy.

Laid with chittering hi-hats and flexing about military spending, Jeffery spends the track sending shots and stoking the flames between the two tense countries. Beginning the track by mocking the fact that Iran’s general was killed in a bombing, it is immediately clear Jeffery does not plan on pulling any punches. War hawk Jeffery is ready for any and all combat, maybe he would be first in line at the recruitment offices. “Trump gon’ press that button, y’all gon’ die all of a sudden,” Jeffrey is not working to de-escalate the strained situation. 

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