HIGHLIFE- “Sunrise” (prod. Gus Chvany)

It’s not very often we get all of HIGHLIFE on one track, so appreciate when we do. The collective consists of Jero, HateSonny, Kari, and Drew. The four are too much to handle, really. Sonny starts the song off with the deadly flow that we all love, Jero picks it up and continues to kill it, Kari then hops on and slows it down for a minute with his hard lyricism, to finish ’em off, Drew comes in and finishes off the track.  Not one person lacks on the track, and to top it off, Gus Chvany’s beat is the icing on the cake. Its not uncommon to see a HIGHLIFE member on a Chvany beat. I hope that we get to hear more of the HL collective and maybe even a project between the four.


But for now, listen to HIGHLIFE’s latest single “Sunrise” BELOW!

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