HateSonny- “THIRTEEN” (DIR. Robertsjj)

HateSonny & good cinematography, what more could you ask for? HateSonny’s “THIRTEEN” video dropped yesterday via Underground Underdogs youtube, directed and shot by Robertsjj, the Dark Knight inspired visual is insane. If the video looked a little familiar, you are probably thinking of the scene from the Dark knight, where the Joker surprises his enemies (for scene click HERE). No sing along needed for this video, the plot and storyline make the message clear enough. HateSonny’s project “Bad Luck” was one of the best projects I have listened to in a while, the emotion that went into that project is insane. HateSonny opened up who he is as an artist throughout the project, and this video to top it all off. This is not my first time seeing Robertsjj’s work. His level of cinematography is incredible, he knows how to tell a story through video very well and I was very impressed. He is a nomad director traveling all over to chase his dream, and I hope this wasn’t the last time we’ll see a collaboration between HateSonny & Robertsjj.

Watch the video for “THIRTEEN” BELOW!

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