Harley Courage- “What I Want” (prod. Diplomat)

Joliet rockstar, Harley Courage dropped yet another hit titled “What I want”. Harley is very unique with his flow and his lyrics and really makes him stand out from other artists. His lyrics are very clever, using comedy within them as well. What makes a song good to me is when the artist actually makes the lyrics fun to listen to, and that is what Harley Courage does best. Harley has been putting in work this year and has not slowed down one bit. Me and Harley have another hit video coming out within the next month and Harley has a couple hits in the vault, so be ready for what is ahead.

But for now, listen to “What I Want” BELOW!https://soundcloud.com/user-539954955/what-i-want-proddiplomat

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