Harley Courage- “My World/ Different Auras”

Harley Courage has not taken his foot off the gas one bit this year. His latest 3 song project “My World/ Different Auras” proves that. Harley shows off his versatility throughout the EP, each track is a different Harley. The fan favorite off the project would have to be “Flashes”. Harley had dropped a verse off “Flashes” the night before the project dropped and I was in awe, every time I hear the song I get goosebumps, and an insider: Harley & I have a video on the way for it. The other two tracks are nothing to miss out on either, this is a project that should be listened to all the way through. Harley Courage is a name that’s starting to buzz, and it comes well deserved as Harley has a style like no other. His IDGAF attitude is what makes him stand out, Harley makes it clear that he makes his music for none other than himself, the way it should be. With some videos on the way, and a big show at The Forge on April 12, big things are coming for Harley


So be sure to listen to “My World/ Different Auras” BELOW!


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