Harley Courage is Unchained on Latest Single, “No Rules.”

Harley Courage is two for two this year with the release of his new track “NO RULES.” 

Photo Courtesy of Connor Rogan

Released on February 6, a concerted effort between producer Flexiko and Harley has the end result of his latest track, “NO RULES.” The track features loud 808s that help complement the ethereal production. On the chorus, he raps about how he refuses to fail due to his new no rules mindset. He expresses how much different he is from the people around him, refusing to let them phase him. This is especially evident with the line “not scared of you matter fact, hit my system I malfunction if you get the right attack. But just know I’m coming to clash, lil bro I’m not from this planet, I got weapons you can’t have.”

Even though he makes the rules and isn’t scared of anyone, on this track Harley still expresses his infatuation with drugs, a topic that was prevalent on his track “TWEEK” as well. As he continues rapping, he talks about how “I cannot stop doing these drugs it’s like they need me, ‘cause they’re the only fucking friends who really please me.” It is evident that he has had his bouts with abuse on this track, wanting to quit despite them being his only source of comfort. 

Harley tells a story through fast raps and smooth, booming production courtesy of Flexiko on his new single “NO RULES.” 

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