Harley Courage Creates Intimate Environment on “TWEEK”

After the Halloween release of his track “scaredy cat,” Harley Courage is coming into the new year hot with his latest track “TWEEK.” 

Harley first made his introduction into rap with the track “Edward Scissorhands,” since then his style has flipped. When he started off, his influences were extremely obvious, sounding like a carbon copy of Lucki. “TWEEK” shows how much he has progressed, and thusly has refined the sound he has been looking to create from the beginning of his discography.

This track features a psychedelic beat courtesy of producer Diegenuine, with a muffled drum pattern working to plunge the listener deeper into Harley’s raps. He covers a multitude of topics pertaining to his life, such as how he’d rather be off alone as well as his fascination with drugs. Harley Courage continues by rapping about how drugs have affected his life, lamenting some of his lost friendships and how he needs something to keep him away from himself. As evidenced by the lines “I know I like you, I don’t think that I like me” and “I’m off the pills feel like I’m me, she say I act like someone else,” it is evident that on this song Harley is using to escape himself. His relationships with others are being interfered with due to his habit, and even though he is going through issues with some of the people around him, he still wants someone to be there for him. Harley tells a dark story on “TWEEK,” which is only amplified by his low vocals. 

His chilling vocals and dark story don’t take anything away from the track, it draws the listener in, and has the audience on the edge of their seat to see what the somewhat psychotic Harley does next. Producer Diegenuine does an excellent job with the beat, as well, creating a sound that compliments Harley’s style of rap extremely well. Harley has undoubtedly made a turn in his sound, favoring a lower tone and bars that tell a story. Even though he “feels better with no team,” if he continues to work with Diegenuine, listeners can only expect more telling tracks.

Stream “TWEEK” below!

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