Harley Courage- “Black Pearls”

This one is an OG. Released on November 7th, 2018, “Black Pearls” is the first video listed on Dreamer Data’s YouTube channel, showing how far back our relationship with Harley Courage goes. In the music video, Jared Avalos works to express Harley Courage’s personality through fun, intercut shots of the Joliet rapper in increasingly wild situations. 


An old-timey box television flashes the credits before tuning into Harley Courage. As he lays in the dead leaves of autumn, he lights an unseen object and gets up, ready to put on a smooth and subdued performance for his track “Black Pearls.” His actions in the music video match the track well, with Harley turning up to the dark melody of the track, exuding energy where one would expect suppression. This paints the track in a different light, giving a glimpse into the fun, fast lifestyle of Harley Courage as he plays with snakes, lights fireworks, and shows how he likes to live. 


Jared Avalos does a good job expressing Harley’s personality with his shots, as well, depicting him in an all black room dressed in a straitjacket. These shots are intercut with Harley performing the acts mentioned above, as well as further tuning in and out of the television seen earlier in the video. These shots coupled with Harley’s lyrics work to keep the energy up and help visually bring “Black Pearls” to life. 

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