Harley Courage- “Anything” (Dir. ShotByDrew)

Harley Courage and Drew link up to bring us a hot visual for “Anything”. Harley has been on a role recently and has been dropping consistent heat, his visuals never slack either. ShotByDrew has also been consistently dropping new videos with various artists. He outdid himself with this specific one, his glitchy yet colorful style his very appealing to many. My favorite effect used throughout the video has to be the colorful lips outline at :15, but Drew keeps the viewers attention throughout the whole video. The two have styles that click perfectly, I hope it isn’t long until the two link up again but this is a video people will be watching for quite awhile. Harley shows no signs of slowing down his momentum either, teasing an EP that is supposed to be dropping next month

But until then, watch “Anything” BELOW!

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