goldenboymnny – “Band-Aid” (Prod. ) (Dir. Diamond Visuals)

Diamond Visuals created a great video a couple of weeks ago. This director showcases his talents with the visuals for “Band-Aid”. Everything comes in an instant and constantly kept changing. This lead me to wanting to watch more. The video correlates with the theme of the song as well. The different scenes intrigued me, they kept me wondering what would happen next. This video was very abstract. It also brought a sense of nostalgia. Diamond Visuals used an arcade for some of the scenes. Now in the arcade, he had goldenboymnny use some of the arcades games in the video; he reminded me of how great it used to be to play arcade games. These were some amazing scenes as well due to the FX’s used, not only that he also brought attention to the arcade and how well it can be put to use for a video like this. Diamond Visuals really brought the song to life and made it a movie. I hope to see work from these two in the future, they can make some serious magic together. 


As for the Chicago native, goldenboymnny recently released the track “Band-Aid”.Goldenboymnny began making music at the young age of 7 years old. None of the music he was making was really his but he played the drums he learned how to read music. It wasn’t until his freshman year in high school that he made music for fun along with his friends as something to do when the time was not passing quick enough. Now as time went on he decided just last year that he would take making music more seriously. Now for the song, He comes at you with flair. The way he can switch his flow is similar to the way Lil Uzi Vert can, with that being said I can’t discredit goldenboymnny, he still has his very own distinct sound that is very appealing. He starts off with low bars, followed along with a moderate pace. Then in the middle song, he kicks up the speed and gives us higher pitched bars that fit perfectly with the song. Goldenboymanny’s flow is smooth. The fact that he can switch flows and still keep it fluent was found very impressive. Also, he works great behind the camera just as well as he works behind the mic. I believe that goldenboymnny has the potential and skill to really move mountains. The only thing we can do next is to keep up with him and hope he drops more music.


goldenboymnny’s “Band-Aid” (Official Video) You can now WATCH THIS BELOW!

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