This time around we have an artist from Grayslake, IL. GEI$HA drops a new EP, “ON MY OWN”. Gei$ha really proves to the people that he is not one dimensional with this piece of work. He can keep it mellow and soft. For example, “RIDE” is one of the songs where stays mellow and really brings you into that chill, nonchalant vibe.  Note, he can also switch up to a faster hard-hitting pace if needed. The song “MAINTAIN” is a great representation of both flows being put together. This mixture shows how well these two flows can be cohesive to produce something great if they are put together correctly. Throughout the EP he discusses his current situations with a significant other, and all the woes that they experience. Also, I felt like I was able to step into the mind of GEI$HA with this recent EP. He goes into detail on how his life is coming along. This is a great EP to listen too for those who are in favor of lower vocals topped off with some quick hitting verses following the chorus.


Following that, GEI$HA and I were able to have some time to conversate about himself. In doing so he let me know that his love for music goes back to as long as he can remember. Which is most likely due to the fact that his father is a musician himself. He would go on and tell me a small part of his musical background, “My dad makes a lot of music and has been in different bands throughout his life.” Having a musical background can really put you at an advantage when making music and GEI$HA is a perfect example.  Not only was his love and background there for music but apparently his talent for poetry was always there as well. It was not until his freshman year in college until he would put the two to great use. Now we have what GEI$HA is today and his newly released EP “ON MY OWN”.


If you still haven’t had the chance to enjoy GEI$HA’s EP “ON MY OWN”, LISTEN BELOW!

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