FUCKTHESEBRANDS X JDOT Collaborate For Latest Release

Following a year full of creative and jaw-dropping pieces, FuckTheseBrands is continuing to keep their foot on the gas. Not even two weeks after making a one of one pair of “Donkey Kong” jeans for Chris King, the brand collaborated with artist Jdot to release one of their best collections to date. 

FuckTheseBrands was established on November 28th, 2019 and has been making big moves ever since. They have been consistently dropping exclusive pieces based on pop culture characters like Pac-Man, Garfield, and even Invader Zim, the last, personally gifted to Lil Keed. Now in 2020, they are working towards expanding their fanbase and creative barriers.

Released on January 15th, the FuckTheseBrands x JDOT collection consists of three new hoodies titled “Snoopy,” FTB Pop,” and “The Grinch,” and is reportedly just the beginning of this collaboration. In an Instagram post showcasing the hoodies, FuckTheseBrands stated that “this partnership is going to be insane for these next upcoming months. These are a sneak peek of what’s in store for y’all.” 

Each piece in this first drop is unique in their own way. Taking a look at the “Snoopy” hoodie, this one features the classic Charlie Brown character Snoopy stitched onto the chest with a sky blue backdrop.  Another character from the series is seen, as well, with Woodstock taking his place on the arm. The words “Never Forget To Smile!” are seen on the hoodie’s back in bold pink letters, with JDOT x FuckTheseBrands branding on the lower back. The “FTP Pop” hoodie spices things up with an orange and purple paint splatter design. “FTB” is stitched on the chest within a dynamic speech bubble. The back of the hoodie features JDOT x FTB branded soda cans, serving as a nice addition to the JDOT x FuckTheseBrands lettering below. A pink rendition of the “FTB Pop” hoodie was previewed on the FuckTheseBrands Instagram page, featuring red and blue paint splatters and rhinestone-studded FTB lettering on the chest, but it has yet to receive a release date. Closing out this drop is “The Grinch” hoodie, which has a light green base with FuckTheseBrands branded ornaments throughout. A giant graphic of The Grinch in a Christmas hat takes up a majority of the back, with the rest being filled with the ornaments and JDOT x FuckTheseBrands branding. Topping off the hoodie is a smaller, full-body graphic of The Grinch, seen on the arm. 

All three hoodies bring something different to the table, with all three designs being improvements to some of the past work done by FuckTheseBrands, and JDOT’s artwork helps bring more detail to the collection. The stitch work in each design is excellent, and the smaller designs within each hoodie keep them all fresh and unique. 


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