Freako & Luke Almighty- “ADHD”

The highly anticipated “ADHD” is out, and consists of 11 songs. I can’t get enough, and wish it had more of this Freako and Almighty duo. And yes that is Luke Almighty and Freako depicted as Craig and Smokey from the movie Friday, I think it’s fitting, because this is a duo you can’t not love. The two have been working on this for quite some time now, and when we asked for a little back story and the project, Almighty told us, “The concept is adhd which someone who has adhd mind never stops working and is chaotic and beautiful at the same time and it’s a look into both me a FREAKO’s mind and how we make music and the intellectual approach. And how our chaotic yet brilliant minds is a curse and a blessing”. I hope that we can hear a lot more out of the two after the tape. Even though this is not the first time two have worked together, it’s my favorite work of theirs. From the nice background story, to the absolute bangers, ADHD is the perfect tape in all aspects. Freako has a show coming up September 29, and I’m looking forward to seeing songs of ADHD being performed.


Do yourself a favor and listen to “ADHD” below!


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