Family Reunion- “Different”

Chicago’s Family Reunion released three new songs off her project “Different”. Family Reunion has been dominating the pop scene for quite some time now, and these three new tracks may be some of my favorites. It is hard to have a favorite out of the three tracks, each song is a completely different sound and all are amazing. Different is more upbeat and a fun song, Run is more of a dark toned song, and Letter slows it down and gets more spacey, a song for every mood, and it is just what I needed. I decided that in my car, with the windows down, is my favorite place to listen to Family Reunion. The beat she used for all of the songs are perfectly complimented by her voice. If you have yet to hear of Family Reunion, you must be living under a rock, she has been blowing up, playing several shows all over for quite some time now. Get out from under that rock and listen to “Different” BELOW!

*phot by Jenna Whalen*

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