Dutcho- “Faces of Death”

Chicago’s, Dutcho applies pressure with his latest 9 track EP “Faces of Death”. Dutcho packed the EP with some of the hottest features including: IggyBoySlash, JohnnyXO, HateSonny, CozyBoyNosey, Marzo, Adot, Seekay, Liam Ghul, and Kid Kupid. The features really complete the tape, it’s my first time listening to many of these artists but Dutcho uses the features perfectly. The producers also go hard throughout the whole EP, the producers being: Charlie Shuffler, Ghul, Darkohatesme, Sherriff, Swami, and Luke Almighty. For starters, the cover art catches your eye immediately, made by netherlude,  all of the artists on the tape surround the edges with Dutcho in the middle, the main face of death. Dutcho’s flow is what makes him stand out, his hard spitting dark flow keeps the audience coming back for more. His lyrics always hit deep as well, its always nice when an artist can maintain a great flow while putting in lyrics that make you feel the song. Dutcho is one of the most consistent artists, I’ve been listening to him for quite some time and have yet been able to press skip on one of his tracks. His fanbase is growing consistently and I don’t see that slowing down.

Tune in now and listen to “Faces of Death” BELOW!

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