Dreamer Data Presents: 2019 IS MY YEAR

Since the start, Dreamer Data has always kept our eyes out for the progression of artists and we love taking genuine interest in their work. We strive to give new and upcoming artists of all kind a platform, place to grow, and show appreciation of their work. Dreamer Data has created a list to recognize those who have really put in the work in the past year, and who we project will find great success in the upcoming one. These people are musicians, designers, producers, and photographers, covering almost all aspects of the underground, from all over the country. With no further ado, we present the Dreamer Data 2019 IS MY YEAR List:

Jiggly J:

Jiggly J is an artist from Joliet, IL, Jiggly spent 2018 as a building period, only releasing a few singles. He has spent the past 5 months working on his upcoming project Wave Hop and we are predicting that Wave Hop will blow up. Jiggly has one of the best work ethics, and will not stop working until he reaches perfection. This ethic doesn’t just stop with his music, Jiggly also co-owns the clothing line “Grimy” with a close friend. The past year has been very successful for them, selling out on both of the drops that they’ve had. Jiggly J also has some of the most loyal fans, at every show he’s been a part of, there is always people in the crowd screaming his lyrics along with him, and expect those numbers to grow. You better be on the lookout for Wave Hop and make sure to keep an eye out for Jiggly J this year. 2019 will be the year of Wave Hop and Jiggly will run that wave. (For his SoundCloud click HERE)

Kristopher Kites:

Kristopher Kites is a designer from Chicago, IL. Kristopher’s chains are definitely something no one has seen before. The chains are called conversation pieces, and I never understood why until I owned one. After wearing the chain for a day I realized that everybody you see will ask you what you have around your neck. Kristopher has had huge growth this year, with huge success at Complex Con in early November, his unique work caught the attention of many and he really took off, with no signs of stopping. In his most recent drop Kites sold out one hundred chains in just 7 minutes. It is not uncommon to see famous artists wearing Kris’ chains either, artists like Warhol.ss, UnoTheActivist, Rico Nasty, and many more. What is so unique and cool about Kristopher’s jewelry is that people get attached to it, a lot of the action figures put into these chains are people’s childhood hero’s, and if they are not hero’s then they are just nostalgic characters or pieces that are important to people. Kristopher’s work ethic is incomparable, as he is in his studio working on pieces everyday, it is great to see when someone gets their most joy from their work, because that is what will make for a successful person. If you don’t know Kristopher Kites yet, you will this year, and if you see someone wearing one of Kris’ pieces, start up a conversation. Kristopher Kites will own the year of 2019. (For Kristopher’s website click HERE)


It is hard to find a more consistent artist than Adot. Coming strong out of Chicago, Adot has released too many songs to count this past year. Running the blog, it was hard to keep Adot’s name out of my mouth as every song was too good not to talk about. Adot has performed at numerous big shows, and with that comes a rapidly growing fanbase. Adot’s name is gaining lots of attention in different countries, one of his strongest fanbases is in Iceland. Don’t be surprised if you see Adot selling out shows by the end of this year. One of my favorites from Adot this past year has to be “Loser” ft. Family Reunion, his versatility allows him to kill any type of beat and appeal to all crowds. His lyrics will leave you with your mouth open, because his word play is next level. 2019 will no doubt be the year of Adot. No doubt when saying that 2019 will be the year of Adot. (For Adot’s Soundcloud click HERE)

Family Reunion:

Family Reunion is killing the pop scene right now. With one of the most amazing fanbases, Family Reunion has killed 2018, and I don’t see any sign of her slowing down this year either. Family Reunion’s short EP “Different” alongside her multiple singles are hits, and I have yet to hear a bad song come out by Family Reunion. Her energy is incomparable and her fun attitude keeps her fans coming back for more. Collabing with Adot as mentioned earlier, and multiple features from VICTOR! Family Reunion kills any track that she is on, and is very versatile with her style. With Family Reunion’s fan base growing from state to state, I’m expecting sold out shows throughout the country this year. Hosting Family Reunion’s last show in Illinois just days ago, I’ll tell you that her music only gets better in person. 2019 is undoubtedly Family Reunion’s year. (SoundCloud Here)


There is not much that Preme cannot do, but we’ll be focusing on the DJ’ing aspect. Preme, a Chicago native is the best DJ in the city for multiple reasons. Passion is key in anything you do, and that is what Preme has, a true passion for the art of DJ’ing. A DJ is crucial to having a good show, they can make or break it for you. Preme has DJ’d huge events including: The Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash, Warhol.ss, UnoTheActivist, Yung Bans, the list goes on and on. The best part, Preme is only 18. Preme has been DJ’ing since the age of 12 and when you see him DJ, you can tell that it is not something he is new to, his song selection and transitions are the best around. The energy he brings onto the stage is insane, bounding back and forth from the sides of the stage is what he does best. He truly is happiest when he’s doing what he loves. With close ties to Lyrical Lemonade and other event coordinating companies, I predict Preme to be DJ’ing a lot more big shows and festivals in the near future. 2019 will be the year of the Preme NiteShow. (Soundcloud HERE).


JB is a graphic designer that lives in Chicago. He is also part of the Lyrical Lemonade team, chances are if you’ve seen Lyrical Lemonade put out a flyer recently, JB designed it. His style catches the eye because of how unique it is. His colors always pop and all compliment one another very well, and his creativity is off the charts. JB’s designs give off a retro feel with a modern spin on them, the designs always have a light-hearted feel to them and make you feel happy or laugh. One of our favorites of JB’s work is the flyer he designed for the “DOIHAVETHESAUSE?” video, directed by Cole Bennett. JB is not only limited to just graphic design, he has also designed the set for Lyrical Lemonade concerts and photoshoots as well. His wide spread of work is quite impressive, and I am excited to see what he will do this year. 2019 will be the year of JB.


Chicago isn’t primarily known for their producers, but that is soon to change with young producers like Kishie coming up. Kishie dominates the melodies used in his beats. If you see that a track is produced by Kishie, just know it is going to be a fun one. 2018 was a pretty big year for Kishie, teaming up with a lot of artists to bring you hits. Kishie usually has soft toned and mellow beats making it easy for an artist to come through and destroy a track. Kishie also promised a tape of his own in 2019 with various hot features. When talking to Kishie, he told us that he is sitting on a bunch of unreleased music, and I’ll be the first to say that every song is next level. With close ties to a lot of great artists like PPGCasper and Chase Alex, 2019 is looking bright for Kishie. (SoundCloud HERE)

Luke Almighty:

Luke Almighty or you may know him as “Almighty on the beat, you know how we rockin” is another producer coming up out of Chicago right now. Almighty had a huge hit with his project “Deliver Us From Evil” with tons of help from hot features, it made for one of the best projects of 2018. Almighty’s work ethic is incomparable, any underground hit that you hear, chances are Almighty produced it. But don’t limit Almighty to the underground as he has hits with Supa Bwe, Duffle Bag Buru, Slime Dollaz, and more. Almighty is another name that was hard to keep out of the blog throughout this whole year. Almighty’s beats are crafted perfectly, any type of artist can easily hop on an Almighty beat and dominate it. Almighty is setting new standards for upcoming producers, and as of now, the bar is pretty high. Beware of Luke Almighty, 2019 is the year of Chicago Producers. (SoundCloud HERE)


One of my favorites from 2018 has to be Lerado. Shark Fin Soup was one of the best projects to drop this past year, and the visuals did not slack either. Lerado dominates the Minnesota scene, but he also has close ties to Chicago and is often out in LA, so his fanbase is also pretty spread out. Lerado also headlined a big show at the end of November that was a major success and had me wishing I lived in Minnesota. Lerado also put out a little hint that he could be working with Jon Psycho soon too, this could be a great move for the two. It’s hard to describe Lerado’s music, but evil-fun is the closest thing I can say to describe it. Lerado widely known for his big dreads, lucky number 78, fashion sense, and of course his great music makes him very appealing to the all that come across his name. 2019 without a doubt will be the year of Lerado.(SoundCloud HERE)

Harley Courage:

Coming out of Joliet, IL is Harley Courage, a unique artist that hopped on the radar of many in 2018. Harley refers to himself as a “Bum Ass Rapper” but realistically, he is an outlaw that’s attitude just says Fuck The System. A lot of Harley’s fans appreciate this about him. Dropping a pretty successful music video for his single “Black Pearls” directed by Jared Avalos. Keeping the momentum going, he then dropped his tape “Demons Dance in The Dark” and that was a huge success for Harley, with various hot producers throughout the tape, Harley killed every track of the tape. Things really started picking up pace towards the end of the year for Harley, as his name started to be more spread throughout and he started expanding into the city, doing a couple shows. Harley shows no sign of slowing down, leaving me to believe that 2019 will be the year of Harley Courage. (SoundCloud HERE)


Sovren, originally from Pittsburg has recently moved into Chicago, and has already made his mark in the underground scene. Starting off by being a fashion icon for many, Sovren can always be found busting a hard fit. Sovren’s style is always very colorful and will most like catch your eye if you see him in public. But his music will always catch your ear if you listen. Just like his fashion sense, his music is also very unique, his EP “Driving Music, Vol. 1” was a huge success for Sovren. Sovren is very versatile with his voice, it’s very easy for Sovren to make a deep-toned hard song and then switch it up to make a love song, and that is what keeps his fans coming back for more. Sovren also has very close ties out in LA, traveling back and forth throughout the year, Sovren had some pretty big shows out west this past year. With a rapidly growing fanbase, Sovren’s talent only becomes more lethal. Be on the lookout for Sovren in 2019. (SoundCloud HERE)

Parker Absent:

Absent, a new clothing brand, has been very present in the underground scene in 2018. Parker, the owner started Absent out of Utah. I’ve been following Absent for quite some time now, and their growth has been astounding, the brand has some of the most loyal customers. Personally, my favorite drop of theirs has been their rhinestone line. Parker has some of the most creative, original designs I have seen in a while. A huge step for the brand was also Kevin Pollari repping their puffer jacket in his latest music video. The wave of Absent is hard to not hop on. Having close ties to other brands like Half-Evil only makes Absent more dangerous. And with Parkers move to Chicago, what he can do in the big city is limitless. 2019 will be filled with the wave of Absent. (Shop HERE)

Half-Evil Sam:

Half-Evil, a brand that only started in 2018, has taken off this past year. Co-Owned by Sam better known as “Pope” and Georrge Oliver, it is a brand that’s hard not to love, their designs are great, I have two pieces myself. Sam keeps it simple and evil, if you see a ‘333’ around, just known it is Half-Evil. What I love about Half-Evil is their $3.33 shirts, making their clothing affordable to all, anyone can make great clothes, but not everyone makes their clothes cheap enough for everyone to buy. Half-Evil also expanded into making jewelry, with their rings and chains. With artists like 10CellPhones and Lil Skies wearing Half-Evil it is not long before Half-Evil is worn all throughout the music community. Their evil sense of humor keeps the customers involved on social media as they are very interactive with customers. The whole Half-Evil team are working day in and day out everyday, they are truly committed to giving you great quality clothing which is what is so admirable. Sam, and the rest of the Half-Evil team is a brand to definitely a brand you will want to watch throughout 2019. 2019 will be the year of 333. (Shop HERE)


Trip is a visual artist who knows how to do wonders with a camera in his hands. He is very versatile with his style, a lot of his photography is clean and simple, but Trip can also make magic happen in Photoshop. In Photoshop he layers pictures over one another and masks them to make them blend, it makes for a very cool effect and shows a different perspective. Trip is a Chicago native, and gets a lot of his inspiration from Chicago. He shoots portraits, architectural photography, and concerts. He has great shots of artists like Ski Mask, Joey BadA$$, Kami, Warhol.ss, Yung Bans, and many more. It can get tricky trying to find a style of photography, but Trip definitely found his, and is killing it. Watch out for Trip in 2019 or he might shoot you 😉 (Portfolio HERE)

Andrew Sauter:

Andrew Sauter or better known as Sautermedia, is a photographer from Indiana that has been killing the game. His simple style is visually pleasing and is always clean. Sauter went to school in Arizona before this year, leaving him with nothing but portraits to shoot, but recently moved to Chicago and has dove into shooting concerts and is one of the best concert photographers out. Even more recently he became the director of photography for Dreamer Data and has shot every music video we’ve put out within the past three months. Sauter’s style is slightly overexposed, which gives a retro feel to it, but the quality of the photos is top-notch. Be sure to watch out for Andrew Sauter in 2019. (Portfolio HERE)

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