DISCOTECA and ABSENT’S Concerted Efforts Provide Fans With New Clothing

Absent clothing has been producing quality pieces ever since their debut, and have only been getting bigger since then, confirming our prediction from the a’2019 Is My Year” list. The brand is starting off the year on a high note with its latest collaboration with Jebidiyah Ryder’s new brand Discoteca. 

While Absent is known for its loud and hardcore designs, Discoteca is known for their disco-inspired designs. Absent has been on a hot streak ever since their release of the bedazzled spell out design. Both Absent and Discoteca bring their all to this collaboration, with a new and fresh puffer jacket, a “Disco Rave” hoodie, and two new t-shirts. 

The “Baby Doll Disco Puffer” was the first piece in this collection to make its debut, initially being previewed back in December and officially dropping at the Discoteca x Absent pop-up rave event on January 24th. It features all-over graphics of the iconic Barbie & Ken dolls alongside Barbie’s pink convertible, which is all seen at a disco hall in the background. It is the most detailed piece in this collaboration, and surely the loudest. This team-up continues with the “Disco Rave” hoodie, which takes on a white base color. A large graphic of the words “disco rave”  is seen on the upper chest, serving as a backdrop to the Absent-branded character with a disco ball for a head, which is seen on the middle of the hoodie. Finishing off this collaboration are two black t-shirts, one of which also features the disco ball character’s head. On the first black t-shirt, aside from the disco ball head, white lettering spells out the title of the piece, “Disco Rave,” on the upper chest, taking on a bold graphic and helping draw attention to the shirt. The final t-shirt in this collaboration takes a more subtle approach, simply depicted three silhouettes posing, surrounded by the words “I wasn’t Absent for the disco,” which serves as the tagline for this collaboration. 

The two were able to team up and drop one of the hottest collaborations for either of their brands and hopefully, they keep up this quality of work for the rest of the year. 

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