Dfree Da Vinci- “From The Art”

I’m a new listener to Chicago’s Dfree Da Vinci, but he caught my ear immediately with his latest project “From The Heart”. Starting with the very creative cover art (made by teejay Spencer), the project is a very heartfelt deep project. The passion that went into every song mixed with Dfree’s relentless flow made for several hits on the project. My favorite being “Where’s My Plug” but all are close contenders. The procures went equally as hard on the project with beats from CBBeatz, Gold Haze, Heavy Keyzz, and Ned Callin. Dfree kills every track, and his flow is nothing that I can compare to anyone else. The project is 13 tracks long, but I wish it could be longer. I am definitely looking forward to see what Dfree Da Vinci has in store for us the rest of 2019.

But for now, listen to “From The Art” BELOW!

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