Mehki Raine- “Wrath” (prod.Ryder Johnson)

Mehki Raine hits HARD with his latest single “Wrath”. For starters, Raine’s voice and the beat smacked me in the face as soon as it kicked in. The beat produced by Ryder Johnson, the electric beat makes it easy for Raine to come through and murder it. This is a Mehki Raine that I have yet to hear, but am delighted that I have now. Raine really impressed me with his versatility on this track, typically focusing on his lyricism and connecting with the listener, this song is more of a head banging hit. It is a scary sight knowing that he can switch it up so well, and make it sound so easy. Raine is out of London, and is slowly but surely merging his way into the US as his name is beginning to spread throughout Chicago. Hopefully it is not too long before I get to shoot a video with Raine.

But until then, listen to “Wrath” BELOW!

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