Mehki Raine- “Atomic Bomb” (prod. fish)

Coming hard out of London, Mehki Raine drops a new single titled “Atomic Bomb”. Atomic Bomb tells a story about Raine being tired of liars, and fake people in general, with the beat produced by Fish, Raine goes hard on it from start to finish. Mehki Raine is a new artist to me, catching my eye when he dropped his latest album “Most Wanted” on Halloween. When we asked Raine what it is about him that makes him different he told us that he releases a new fragment of himself with every song. He takes his lyricism serious, trying to paint a picture of his life with words for the listener. He utilizes his accent to separate himself from other artists as well. He is constantly working on his versatility and slowly trying to perfect every element to making good music. I will be the first to say that I think he is doing very well thus far. Lastly he told us that he can be best described with three words “Expect the unexpected”

With that being said, stream Atomic Bomb BELOW!

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