Clarence James- “Ronson Princess”

Clarence James, a self-taught artist originally out of Columbus, TX dropped a single titled “Ronson Princess” close to a year ago. A bit late on promoting it, I know, but I just heard the song for the first time three days ago, and I have had it on repeat these past three days. Clarence told us that the song is actually about his favorite lighter, which I assume he named Donna. The lighter never actually worked, but it is a symbol of friendship. Throughout the song Clarence sings about not wanting to lose this lighter, and does it beautifully. Clarence is 18 and currently lives in Austin, TX. Clarence has been playing the piano since he was 12 and started on the guitar around 16, he also started producing for himself around that same time. It’s one thing to know how to produce and make the music by yourself, but it is another thing to perfect every aspect, and that is what Clarence James has done.

It is not often that I blog about a song that is a year old, acknowledge that and listen to “Ronson Princess” below

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