Check Out Matty Wood$’ Tight-Stitched EP The Revenge Of Tony T

Matty Wood$  puts his eclectic pop-influenced style on display with latest project The Revenge Of Tony T. 

Hailing from St. Louis, Matty Wood$ has a sound like no other. Bearing influence from The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Queen, the impact of these artists is apparent in his beat selection. Matty’s layered, jazzy, polished 808s is an apt pairing for his melodic, light vocals. 

The Revenge Of Tony T is a succinct five tracks that are more mellow than his previous full-length release, I’ll Be Fine, which had bombastic production and anthemic gang vocal choruses. Instead, Matty is at a near whisper, notably on the opening track “HUGOS” where he describes going from cargo shorts to designer brands. The instrumental provided by Cangelosi is airy and spacious thanks to the flute accentuating the production. Matty Wood$’ adlibs add to the large sound of the track by throwing his voice around in between bars creating the illusion of multiple singers. 

Honestly and comically titling one of the tracks, “That One Fucked Up Beat” to describe a glitching, stuttering piano riff over drums cutting in and out over the track. The unconventional take on bread and butter instruments mixes with Matty’s orchestral style, complimenting his sing-songy delivery. Matty is bluesy in his flow as he lays out laid-back bars as he wrestles with money and girls stuck in his mental, with weed slowing down his thinking. 

The project brings out Matty Wood$ best qualities, the pop influences he has garnered allow for him to select beautiful instrumentals that are breathe and are full of life. Matched with his calming delivery, Matty Wood$ music is built for long drives, late nights, and when you need your head cleared. 

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