Check Out 10kDunkin’s New Track, “Chances”

10KDunkin is coming in hot with his new single. He is bringing bars to the table on this one, and with the assistance of DP Beats, “CHANCES” makes sure to keep the listener entranced throughout.   

10k Dunkin got his start in Atlanta, Georgia with the release of his EP TENSEI back in 2017, which was exclusively produced by Atlanta producer SenseiATL. On the EP, he displayed high energy and powerful bars, something seen on his new single as well. While his bars were lively on his 2017 project, on “CHANCES” he takes a softer, more relaxed approach.  

The Atlanta rapper released his new single in January, starting the year by adding a more intricate track to his discography. “CHANCES” features excellent production from DP Beats. He takes a more subtle approach with the beat, incorporating synths and spaced out 808s to produce a more ‘relaxed-trap’ sound. 10KDunkin finishes what DPBeats started, rapping with his typical soft and low voice to float on the beat. He is quiet enough to allow the beat to shine, while still being able to get his bars across to the listener without issue. 

As he raps on this song, 10KDunkin shows that he is thankful for the life he lives. He raps about his current situation in life and how he is “thanking god ‘cause we was taking them chances” to make it out from the bottom. He also raps about his continued success, continuing to thank god for the opportunities he has earned with his success in music. Although he doesn’t get too sentimental, he still manages to get the point across that he is happy he made it out, leaving those who refused to support him in the dust. 

10KDunkin raps about how “you know we stay hungry so we finna eat” on his new track “CHANCES,” and as he continues to put in more work he will only keep getting more chances. If this track is any indicator, he will continue to pop off with his future releases, rising along the way. 

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