Recent Projects

Dreamer Isioma for “Tidal Rising”

Our team assisted Tidal in the production of this episode of Tidal Rising on Dreamer Isioma. With a strong and clear creative direction from the team at Tidal, Dreamer Data shot the interviews and provided archival footage to make this episode come together.  Behind the Scenes Stills Previous Next

“Glamour Girl” Official Music Video

Stills Previous Next Behind The Scenes CAST Performed by/Starring: Zafro Glamour Girl: Morgen Brenn CREW Production Company: Dreamer Data Director: Jared Avalos                Director of Photography:                  Trey Lost/Kal Kociss Editor/Colorist: Jared Avalos PA/Location Scout: Connor Vyce

“Love Show” Official Music Video Love show was Dreamer Data a produced music video. Nina had a strong narrative behind this song, so we helped tell the story of what it’s like to be a guest on their Love Show Hotline. Behind the Scenes Stills Previous Next