Brent Rambo- “Life Is A Joke”

Following his big success on his single “That’s Depression” Chicago’s finest, Brent Rambo recently dropped his 15 song project titled “Life Is A Joke”. Brent Rambo has became a huge role in the Chicago music scene, many up and coming artists and producers look up to Rambo. One thing that makes Brent Rambo Brent Rambo is that he stays true to himself and his style, no matter what is popping right now. Rambo is one of the hottest producers out, but aside of a producer, Rambo’s comical lyrics make it very entertaining and enjoyable to bump his music. With some help from artists RonSoCold, Nolanberollin, and Duffle Bag Buru, Brent Rambo really dropped a masterpiece within the first week of the new year. Don’t forget all of the hot producers throughout the project either, Kvshtheo, Nine9, z3ta, Ginseng, and fellow 7200 member Uglyfriend truly complete the project, every beat goes in. I was excited to see that Brent put “No More Kickbacks In Chicago” out on Soundcloud with this project. “Life Is A Joke” definitely sets the bar high for all artists that are looking to put projects out this year.

2019 is looking very bright for Brent Rambo and for Chicago music as a whole, but for now listen to “Life Is A Joke” BELOW!

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