Blenck Face- “Perfect Recipe”

Blenck Face hit hard with his 8 track EP “Perfect Recipe”. I mean it when I say hit hard, Blenck Face leveled up with this whole project. I have been close with Blenck Face for almost a year now and all of his development as not only an artist, but as a person is shown on this project. Blenck Face had revealed his singing abilities with Maybe and has continued on tracks like Leavin and HeartStuck. He has acquired a new fan base since showing off songs like those, but he has to keep his hard spitting songs in like Perfect Recipe, Slapstick, and You Strange. No matter what flow Blenck Face goes with, he keeps his lyrics true and relatable. Blenck Face takes us through a different story in every track, each cutting deep into emotions whether they are joyful or sad. Tracks like Out of It and Enemies are definitely some new sounds Blenck Face had no fear in messing around with and they came out hits. Blenck Face has yet to put out a bad track no matter what sound he goes with.

Blenck Face & I also have a video for the track Maybe, click HERE to watch.

Blenck Face has plans on dropping a tape in the summer which I am very excited for, but until then, be sure to stream and share “Perfect Recipe” BELOW!

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