Blenck Face- “Not The Same”

Blenck Face recently¬†dropped a 3 song EP titled “Not The Same” to hold off his fans while he goes ghost for a bit. The project is exclusively produced by Chri$tian, a producer out of Florida, the two met through DM’s on twitter. This is Blenck’s first time on one of Chri$tian’s beats, but the chemistry between the two is unbeatable. Blenck Face takes you on a trip through his emotions. Blenck’s ability to tell a story throughout his stories is unreal. My favorite track off the EP would have to be “Not The $ame” , my favorite lyric being ” Feel like I don’t have a voice, you Phinneas I’m Perry”. The other two tracks are nothing to pass up on though. Blenck Face has developed a very unique style and is still experimenting with his sound, I’m very excited to see what he has in store for the future

But for now, listen to “Not The Same” BELOW!

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