Blenck Face- “Maybe”

Despite his retirement in late 2019, Blenck Face’s music still lives on. In the music video for his track “Maybe,” the Joliet rapper is able to express his raw talent with the help of Jared Avalos.

The music video for “Maybe” was released on April 26th, 2019, and matches up perfectly with the somber sound of the track, on which Blenck Face sings about a broken relationship that he hopes to mend. The music video depicts him drowning his sorrows with alcohol, steadily becoming more unhinged throughout. It opens with him downing a bottle and throwing it against the wall. The bottle shatters, but the scene rewinds to undo the situation, instead cutting to in the back of a car, singing about his feelings following a broken relationship. He continues to drink as the video goes on, with his emotional state only getting worse as it goes on. The rapper begins to break down, holding his head in sorrow and writing away in a notepad. The scenes continue to be seen throughout, leading back to where it all started, with his laying in bed next to the bottle. 

The production couples with the music video quite well, thanks to Ocean Beats’ use of muffled kicks and slow tempo. When backed by actions and emotional expressions depicted in the music video, the production hits the ears hard, slowing the pace enough for the listener to really take Blenck Face’s lyrics to heart. As he sings the words “break me,” he slams his head against the screen, breaking it and showing the decline of his emotional state. Avalos and Blenck Face came together to express the rapper’s feelings following a presumed break up, showing the toll a broken relationship can take on a man. 



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