Blenck Face- “Maybe” ft. Chevy (prod. Ocean Beats)

Blenck Face is back and has took his sound and completely switched it. In his latest single “Maybe”, Blenck Face takes the listeners through an emotional trip by telling them about his complicated relationship with his significant other, between trying to change himself for his significant other, and Blenck struggling to show this girl how he truly feels, I get goosebumps just listening to the song. Produced by Ocean Beats, the beat is very simple and allows Blenck Face to do as he pleases on it. Chevy’s light vocals as a chorus makes for the perfect sad song. Blenck Face, is typically known for his angry flow with hateful lyrics, that’s not the case on this track. ¬†Knowing Blenck Face on a personal level, I know how personal this song is for him, and after talking to him about the track, he told me that he was choking on the lyrics in tears as he was writing it. Blenck switches it up so easily, making it sound like this is his regular flow. I am excited to see what else Blenck Face has in store for us and if this is possibly a whole new Blenck?

But for now, listen to “Maybe” BELOW!

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