Blake Saint David- “MY NAME”

Chicago’s up and coming star, Blake Saint David just released a new single titled “My Name”. I have been listening to Blake for quite some time, and one thing I can tell you is he has no fear of trying out new sounds. Somehow he can make anything sound good, “My Name” has a very techno sounding beat, produced by Blake and Ghost Boy Sora. Blake takes this scratchy, techno beat and makes the harmony sound beautiful. The lyrics of “My Name” are also very heartfelt, talking about problems with family, the let down of him not blowing up yet, and much more. Blake also got a very well deserved feature in PAPER Magazine, comparing Blake to SOPHIE and Hannah Diamond. I think that this feature in PAPER will open a lot of peoples eyes and ears to Blake’s talent.

If you are into pop and have yet to listen to Blake Saint David, don’t pass up this opportunity and stream “MY NAME” BELOW!

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