Blake Saint David- “Cairo, Illinois”

Blake Saint David, a pop artist out of Chicago has a new 11 song project titled “Cairo, Illinois”. Blake has no fear of playing around with new sounds. I have been a big fan of Blake for almost a year now and it is always a surprise hearing Blake’s new music because its always a new sound. Cairo, Illinois is a meaningful project to Blake, it was made over the course of 9 months, one track being made in California while on a trip. Blake says that this project is timeless because the songs depict Blake’s life experiences so he will always be able to come back and relate to it. With little help from friends The Pourist and Pascal Delay, the rest of the project was produced by Blake as well. The electronic beats are funky and weird, and those are the same adjectives I’d use to describe Blake Saint David, so I guess they make for a perfect match. Blake’s versatility is like no other and he displays that throughout the project, just listen to “Smart Shot” and “Fleeting Sonic Youth”, both tracks are hits, but have totally different sounds. J Wade also has a feature on the project, Blake and Wade make for such a dynamic duo I was glad to see it on the project.

Be sure to listen to “Cairo, Illinois” BELOW and let us know what you think!

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