Belis- “Place Like This” (prod. Fish)

Belis + pop music= instant hits. Yup Belis is back with a new twist, her latest single “Place Like This” produced by Fish is a new side of Belis. This is the first time I’ve heard Belis & Fish team up, but I already want more. Belis’ music is hard for me to describe, the only description I can give is amazing. Her voice never fails to impress me, Belis is someone I’ve been listening to since last summer, and am disappointed I’ve yet to get her out in Chicago for a show. I have no doubt when saying Belis is a future star, her music is like no others. It’s not uncommon for Belis to be the only girl on the lineups of shows that she’s in, and her fanbase is constantly growing. This song is definitely one to be playing in your car, windows down, in the summertime.

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