Barren Struggles with His Day-to-Day in New Single, “learn to cope”

Massachusetts may not be known for a thriving music scene, but one artist has had incredible staying power over the years. Barren has been bringing his personal mix of soft, emotional singing for over three years now. 

With his latest release, “learn to cope,” Barren uses the track as an opportunity to bookmark this moment in his life, stuck between a day job and a potential career in music. Crooning, “I’m broke as fuck too so lets add that all together saying this now so when it ain’t true no more I can remember how hard I worked to live forever.” Reflecting on the harsh reality of today’s music industry, Barren laments on his recent slow-down of growth and knows that if he were to die, it would result in an explosion of popularity, though he doesn’t come out and say it. Barren’s honesty on the track, taking aim copy-cats, the accurate negative feedback on the track, and even looking inwardly to see his issues with substance (ab)use is what has given him his staying power. 

Filling the background of Barren’s heart-stricken lyrics is the string-heavy production from caspr. A guitar-riff laid over a battering snare drum progression helps to highlight the title of the track, “learn to cope,” piling on to the melancholy mood of the brooding artist.

Barren’s aura has always been that of struggling artist, clawing his way into the ear of anyone who will listen. But, given his catchy hooks and unrelenting work ethic surrounding his creative output combined with the stream of music videos, he just might be one of the lucky ones able to escape western MA, but first, he has to “learn to cope.”

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