ALX 333 – “333 EP”

Coming out of “The Dirty J” or Joliet, IL, ALX 333 released his first ever EP. In this EP Alx shows his versatility. In some tracks such as “Oblivion!” his shows he can pick up the pace with his verses. While he can also slow it down like in songs like “ 333 Interlude”, “999 Interlude” and “Some things never change”. Regardless of the tempo of the song Alx will still give you some very well written bars. This is EP also had multiple producers who helped make this a great EP, including Blenck Face, C Freshco and Kevin Katana. Despite this being the first time I have listened to ALX 333, I will most definitely be on the lookout for when he drops more music in the foreseeable future.

If you still haven’t heard ALX’s “333 EP” LISTEN BELOW !

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