4700blade – “Get Rich”(Prod. SNOOZA)(Dir. Casey Womack)

Casey Womack puts his creative vision on display with his latest video. Casey teamed up with 4700blade to create the visual for “Get Rich” (Prod. SNOOZA). To begin with, he uses a retro type theme, then transitions into a movie like format. Casey gives us smooth transitions, scene cuts and crazy fx’s. Also, the theme of the video fits well with the song, as he brings us into run-down urban areas that represented how any scene can be put into great view with a simple change of perspective. Casey turns an “old” building rooftop into the perfect setting for a video.  The graffiti, shattered glass and dismantling of the building displayed in the video make the image of this small film raise the authenticity. Casey uses different areas of the city that also fit well, and show his diversity and his ability to utilize the environment around him. Casey had some help with certain scenes that you can pick out, these scenes were shot from a drown flown by Austin Bledsoe. The short drown snippets complimented the video well and assisted the visual image that Casey had originally produced.


In addition, 4700blade or also known as lilblade on Instagram gave us an entertaining song that was equivalent to the video. This was a great example of multiple creative minds coming together to create something special. Throughout the song “Get Rich” he presents his distinct sound and flow. He brings a nice, mellow flow to the table but also sounding distorted which I personally thought was a great combination. Blade is new to me and will now be one of my guys to keep an0 eye out for. Now we can only anticipate what he decides to do next with his future music. 


If you haven’t had the chance to listen or watch “Get Rich” (Prod. SNOOZA) (Dir. Casey Womack)  YOU CAN RIGHT NOW BELOW !!

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