2GramCam- “TrapTopia 2”

Memphis’ 2GramCam just dropped a very hot 13 song project with big features from both Warhol.ss and UnoTheActivist. Just starting music one year ago, Cam says that this project was full of him experimenting to find his sound. I am disappointed it took me so long to find 2GramCam’s music as I have already listened to his project all the way through 3 times now and have also ran through his first project “TrapTopia”. There are multiple producers throughout the track, every beat goes hard, Reno being the main producer throughout the tape. My favorite track would have to be “Gucci Boots” produced by Reno, my favorite lyric being “They said the shit I’m making timeless, I’ve been rapping, I just started rhyming”. Cam also told us he was focused on giving the scene a “full trapped out vibe” with this project. I think 2GramCam really made a statement with this project and has me excited for what the future has in store for 2GramCam.

But for now, go stream “TrapTopia” BELOW!

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