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Iman is currently a Marketing student at Columbia College Chicago and one of our writers at Dreamer Data. This Chicago native has been writing for two years, contributing to local publications like The Magnificent Mile and Afriquena. Joining Dreamer Data in 2020, Iman’s heart lies in music. She blends this love for music with her marketing skills to create press releases, artist profiles and other pieces that work to project the authenticity of the subject in the best ways possible. Iman has had a passion for writing since she was a child, which has helped contribute to her vast skill set. This passion has also created a drive in her, consistently being determined to bring her best work to the table while marketing the artist.
Strengths: Copywriting, written and visual storytelling and press releases

Spotify Bio for Lei Dominque

Rising R&B artist and working model, Lei Dominique, brings a fresh yet unique talent to the table. As a young girl, music was always on the forefront for Lei but as she got older she found a passion for modelling. After working with a number of brands, she was able to solidify her presence not only in front of a camera as a model but on stage as a performer. Featured in I-D, Vogue, and various Chicago publications, Lei is establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with. Her alluring and hypnotic sound make her energy contagious, keeping every listener enticed and wanting more. Lei is currently taking the time to solidify her unique sound and focus on doing what she does best, making music that makes us all feel good. Keep up with Lei Dominique here and stream her latest single, “Not No Angel.”

The Sounds In My Head by Hatesonny 

HATESONNY’s latest release, The Sounds in My Head, is a 3 track EP that embodies the young rapper’s captivatingly dark yet carefree sound. The Sounds In My Head allows listeners a peek into Sonny’s life and his surrounding thoughts. HATESONNY described the project as being “inspired by stages of thought” where he takes us through the beginning of his day in the first track, to his “more positive thoughts where it’s just all good energy,” and full circle to the last song with his “more frequent thoughts of depression also self destructive tendencies.”

The EP opens up with “Good Morning,” produced by Austin based musician war manga. Sonny’s low monotoned voice melts with war manga’s loopy and eerie beat. “Good Morning” encapsulates Sonny’s determination to live life as easily as possible. He raps about the easiness of him getting to money as he goes about an eventful yet not eventful day involving insomnia and his relationship with drugs and women. This song is the preview of how he starts his day and what goes through his head.

The EP transitions into the more upbeat second track, “I Just,“ produced by Deaf, another Texas based producer hailing from Houston. We see the reoccurring theme of women in the EP and how Sonny paints himself as a hero amongst women. Lines like “I just fell in love with a bitch” and ”I just scooped a bitch and took her out the scene” show us his nonchalant yet arrogant attitude towards the girl, or girls, mentioned. Deaf’s entertaining production matched with Sonny’s meticulously planted flow hypnotizes you to melt with the song. The last song, “Self Destruct,” wraps the project together in the most destructive yet organized way. Closing the EP out, Sonny presents his darkest, most depressing thoughts as he is accompanied by Minnesota rapper Zero. Produced by Maryland native Ravi, the beat is dirty enough to get you wrapped into the same murky mental space that the duo present on this song. Zero’s guttural sound completes the gloominess that Sonny delivers consistently.

Originally meant to be a full tape that was eventually cut down to just 3 tracks, The Sounds In My Head presents HATESONNY’s degenerating thought process through hypnotizing beats paired with his energizing, monotone flow creating the perfect window into the young artist’s mind. Listen to the full EP here.

Contact Iman to see an example of her work.

Contact Iman to see an example of her work.

Contact Iman to see an example of her work.

Artist Bios – $30 – A small write-up on an artist for a websites, streaming services, etc. 

Album Review – $35 – An album review for any musician of your choosing.  Not available to purchase if you yourself are a musician. 

Write-Ups – $35 – A detailed article about an artist, company, or product. It dives into the history of the subject and what makes them special, notable selling points, etc.

Artist Profiles – $40 – A detailed profile about an artist, their appeal and their work.

Press Releases – $40 – An article that serves as a pitch to publications about an artist or product. It is a way to get them to promote the client’s work.